Bishop's Notes

Bishop's Notes47 and counting!

We are delighted to be celebrating birthday number 47 this year.  I suppose when you consider the alternative, having birthday number 47 is not a bad thing.  I suppose it means the communities of Rutherford and surrounding communities have found a friend and continue to support us and I appreciate that. 

Almost every day or so someone tells me or a member of our staff how  much they depend on WCAB every day.  For some, we are their wake-up call every day.  Some will say, " I know exactly what I am supposed to be doing when the first sports report comes on.  If I'm not doing it, then I know I am running late. Others might say, "by the time you get to the Morning Report I should be sitting down to breakfast," and so on.  Others say, "I plan my lunch hour around your 11:30 report and to get the first hour of Rush."  We even have those night owls who thank for us  being on late with the talk shows.  Lou, Tom, Todd, Jay, Tracy and I appreciate all of our listeners and their comments.

Our goal is to remain a local hometown community radio station.  Being involved in your lives with local reports, weather conditions, sports coverage, fund raisers, birthdays, lost dogs, and giving you a heads-ups on local scams and keeping you up to date on local issues is important to us and I believe to you as well.  We pride ourselves in being 'family friendly' radio and make no apologies for being upbeat, positive, pro-America, defenders of the constitution, and believers in Judeo-Christian values.

Our family is growing every year and we appreciate it very much.  Now tune into WCAB AM 59 and on Northland Cable Channel 5 for some real radio.

Thanks for visiting our website.

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